Nutrition Bootcamp


We all thrive with social support. Most of us are more likely to be successful with weight loss when engaging with a friend or a group of friends. #GETFITWITHMICH is a 1 month intensive nutritional bootcamp program designed for groups of friends, families, coworkers or even bridesmaids. This is a chance to learn about nutrition in an approachable way with the support of the people you love.

The requirements for the group are as such:

  • Between 5 and 15 participants
  • Ages 18+
  • The focus of the members of the group is similar (i.e. weight loss, overall health)
  • No active or recent history of eating disorder for members



1. Commencement Day

The day will begin with a group lecture about new nutrition information. The goal of this presentation is to clear up misconceptions about nutrition and provide vital nutrition information that will carry participants through the rest of their lives. During the seminar, meal plans will be provided complete with shopping lists and recipe ideas. Following the lecture, there will be a question and answer session for clarification. Each participant will then be weighed in, initial measurements and before photos will be taken.

2. action

Participants put their new nutrition education and the meal plan to use. A facebook group will be organized for team members to share their successes, concerns, and #GETFITWITHMICH approved meal ideas. Michelle will be chiming in to address any questions and cheer you on with additional support.

3. COMPLetion day (30 days later)

Group members will meet again to share and monitor their progress. Final weigh in and after photos will take place on this day, and prizes will be awarded to those who have achieved their goals. Discussions on how to move forward after the bootcamp and the main takeaways from the month will take place as well.


The price for this bootcamp is $2,000.00 for all members combined, and is only accepted in one form of payment.


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