Private Practice


The Process

15 minute phone consultation

During this call, I will learn a bit more about what you’re looking to accomplish and how I can help you get there. The function of the chat is not solely for me to learn about you, but for you to see if I am a fit for your needs. This is also our time to discuss pricing of the program. If you feel we would work well together, we will also schedule your initial consultation during that time.


60 minute in person initial consultation (which includes personalized meal plan)

The next step is an immersive nutrition consultation, which can be scheduled at my office or wherever is most convenient for you (i.e. your home or office). I may ask you to bring medical records or a food journal with you to this meeting. We will sit down (in a completely judgment free zone) and discuss exactly where you’ve been nutritionally and where you’re looking to go. Typical topics of conversation  include the emotional aspects of eating, favorite restaurants and foods, stomach complications and chronic illness complaints.

After your consultation, I will take all of the information gathered and compile an individualized meal plan just for you. The meal plan serves as both a diet and lifestyle guide to best achieve all of your health goals.


45 Minute Follow-up Sessions

One week after receiving their meal plan, most clients choose to come back in for the first follow up session. Follow up sessions are a chance to troubleshoot any issues you’ve had following the plan, and, most importantly, discuss your successes! You can weigh in, get your measurements taken, and record the progress of your goals. More follow up sessions are then scheduled to track long term progress.