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Jason, 42 - Designer, NYC

Michelle Shapiro was highly recommended to me by multiple personal trainers from my gym in New York City.  I was at the very end of my rope, battling stubborn belly fat and hemorrhoids.  The 2 symptoms that I consistently battled and could not remedy  - so I made an appointment with Michelle.  My lifestyle was healthy. I went to the gym regularly and thought I was eating extremely well according to morning news shows and magazines.  I wasn't satisfied by anything I was eating and also didn't see any results after intense work out routines.

The day of my first appointment I was completely depleted. I was bleeding heavily from an erupted hemorrhoid. I was in pain and irritated.  I was terrified.  Michelle immediately identified many symptoms I ignored - and explained why my body was acting this way. 

Storing fats and sugars, low energy levels, interrupted sleep, discomfort.  She explained it all.  My nutrition - or lack there-of - created a chain reaction for multiple side effects that I never recognized. 

When Michelle gave me my meal plan I could not believe how amazing it was. She wanted me to eat more, and the options blew my mind. I could have a burrito over a kale salad! I couldn't believe it.  I immediately implemented the meal plan and within 24 hours felt a difference. Less bloated, I slept better and had much more energy during the day.

I can't stress how important I think learning how to eat is and most importantly how to eat right for your body.  

The nutrition plan is the best investment I’ve ever made for my health, my body and peace of mind.

I saw and felt results immediately.  I began to lose inches from my waist, and gain muscle mass where I wanted it.  I had great energy and the intestine discomfort completely went away.  All of these results while I was enjoying the meals.  My breakfast was comfortably staggered for my busy schedule and I couldn't wait for my lunches.  I didn't feel like I lost any options at all.  I didn't feel like I sacrificed anything.  I only gained knowledge and food options and confidence, not to mention better health.

Aside from the success I felt and the enjoyable nutrition options, I felt a deep connection and understanding with Michelle.  She is a ray of light and made this journey fun.  We laughed through most of my appointments.  I was able to contact her with any questions or concerns I had.  She was extremely accessible for all of my needs and hand crafted a simplified version of my plan for long business trips.

I honestly look forward to continuing this journey with Michelle.  She has become a staple for maintaining my health, just like a doctor or a dentist should be.  I can't say enough great things about her and her practice and I have the results to prove it.  If you are even considering it - give it a try.  I felt a difference within 24 hours, and I believe you will too.


Pamela, 26 - Application Analyst

I was nervous about finding a new dietitian after my last experience with one left me unsatisfied and still searching for answers to my various questions about appetite and nutrition. I felt like I was being given general information on healthy eating but none of it addressed my problems personally.

Michelle immediately put me at ease during my initial consultation and I was confident that this time it would be different.

Her meal plans and recommendations are catered for each person and she is acutely tuned to the individualized experience of each client. She is easy to talk to, exceptionally supportive, and listened patiently to every single one of my concerns. If I feel that something may not be working for me, Michelle is always quick to offer alternatives.

It is refreshing to have someone help navigate you through the confusing and ever changing world of nutrition. While science based evidence is molding what we know about food and its effects on our bodies, I know I can count on Michelle to help guide me in the right direction. I do not know if I could have kept as sane throughout my health journey without her!


Sarah Fader, Writer

Michelle is a nutrition guru.

She completely changed the way my relationship with food from a dysfunctional to healthy. I feel better physically and mentally/emotionally.

One of the things I value the most about her is her warmth and accessibility. It was like working with a close friend when she designed my meal plan for me. She looks at all aspects of your life in order to make the best possible customized meal plan. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who wants to lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle."  


Brittany, 26 - Teacher, NYC

I have had celiac disease and have had severe stomach issues for the last ten years. I started #getfitwithmich bootcamp as I have maintained a healthy lifestyle the last few years but had trouble losing weight despite how many salads I ate in a day.

I almost want to say that Michelle has magical powers.

Michelle sat with me and explained everything I needed for my disease and stomach issues. After two weeks I felt better, slept better and found my stomach issues were MUCH less severe. After two months I found that I lost inches all over my body, lost about ten pounds and felt better than ever.

Throughout the process, Michelle was my biggest supporter. She has a heart of gold and will consistently have your back through her process. She has changed my life for the better and I am so beyond grateful.


Allison, Psychologist

I had gained 30 pounds after a very stressful work year which caused me to emotionally eat and ditch my healthy habits (such as going to the gym, preparing my own food, and drinking a lot of water). I had attempted a lot of different things to lose the weight, including but not limited to, Nutrisystem, working with a personal trainer, exercising as much as possible, and joining online challenges (i.e. "Diet Bet"). At best, I would lose a pound every two weeks. I attributed some of my challenges to my thyroid issue as well, further making my weight loss challenge even more difficult.

I started to think I would never lose this weight and that I should just accept this new, yet unrecognizable body.

I became frustrated and depressed, in addition to my body fatiguing much more easily than before. One night, a friend of mine posted on facebook about her sister, Michelle Shapiro, a Dietitian who focused on people who COULD NOT lose weight (like me!). After thinking to myself, "what do I have to lose?" I messaged Michelle that I would like her help. After the first consultation with Michelle over the phone, I already felt so much better, therapeutic really, that someone understood what I was going through and that weight loss did not have to be impossible, even with a thyroid condition. After my first meeting with Michelle, she tailored a meal plan to me which included a whole foods, high fat, and high protein diet.

No processed foods, dairy, added sugars, or gluten allowed! At first I was nervous because a lot of the "healthy" habits the media and popular knowledge has us believe are good for weight loss, are in fact not really all that helpful.  Although this meal plan would definitely shake up my normal routine, I was determined to give this my all. Long story made short, in a few months I have lost 30 pounds (and counting!), learned how to eat right, have more energy and sleep better at night. I feel like my old self again.

Additionally to the weight loss, my thyroid numbers have miraculously fallen back into a "normal" person's range (which I think is possibly just as incredible), all based on diet alone. Michelle has become not only my dietitian, but my friend. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone else out there that is close to "giving up" or just "accepting" their body although they want to be healthier and make a positive lifestyle change. She helped me get my confidence and health back, and for that I am forever grateful to her.


Chrys, 26, Teacher

Words can't describe what Michelle Shapiro has done for me! She allowed me to gain my life back with support and guidance. For the last five months, Michelle has been helping me kick start my weight loss journey! She takes her responsibility of being a dietitian/ nutritionist professionally and with great honor!

If it wasn’t for Michelle I definitely would not be where I am today.

100 pounds down and that's with the help that she has provided me. I remember one night just sitting in bed feeling depressed and down; not only about myself but about everything else going on in my life. I always put on a face for everyone else because I didn't want anyone to see what was really going on with me deep down. I remember spending tons of money on blow dry bars, subscriptions boxes, video subscriptions, and much more and I said I could use my money for wisely, why not hire a dietitian? I know Michelle was one from following her on social media platforms but I also felt nervous because we did go to high school together and I was so embarrassed to even let her know my weight! But, Michelle made me feel great no matter what size I was. From there, I knew I made the best decision for my life, and I continue to make the best decision! I can't believe 8 months down I have dropped six pant/dress sizes downs and still on this journey! Her meals plans are exciting amd don’t involve anything I don't like...she also has introduced me to products that I could never have bought or tried!



Basically. You cured my IBS. I literally owe you my life. I've been really good on your diet plan. You can see my abs, I'm using the bathroom regularly. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I'm no longer uncomfortable everyday or concerned I'm going to need to go get an enema at the hospital. Nor am I bloated beyond belief and hating myself because I'm working out so hard and seeing no results. Thank you thank you thank you.